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” I have always loved travelling, reading, learning languages, History and Art; This is how I oriented my professional career: after obtaining a B.A. in Philology, I taught Spanish as a Foreign Language in several centers in Europe and America. When I got my B.A. in Geography and History, I decided to reorient my career by specializing in the creation, organization and implementation of cultural activities for Spanish students.”

Sonia Fernández Matesanz, creator of Mundos Hispánicos



is the result of more than 15 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreing language outside the classroom.

The classes are held in museums and at other sights and landmarks, mainly in Madrid’s many different neighborhoods and the city’s surroundings. You get the opportunity to practice and improve your language level while learning about the history and culture of Spain and the Spanish way of life. You will receive teaching materials which have been specifically prepared for each activity.

 If you want to make the most of your stay, this is the perfect method. At the same time that you visit the city, you also put your language skills into practice and expand them. Students are recommended to have at least an A2 level, but there are also special programs for beginners.

Since the attention is personalized, the student can choose the activities that best suit their needs. There are also special programs for companies and institutions.

One of the main objectives of MUNDOS HISPÁNICOS is to introduce you to the tremendous heritage of Spanish and Latin American culture: the towns, cities, traditions, current events, famous persons, gastronomy, nature and much more… for more information visit: Owl travelling blog

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